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Employee Engagement  - In payroll, benefits and rewards

3 international organisations, 3 speakers, 1 must-attend seminar.

When? September 24th, 9.30-14.30
Where? @Fletcher Hotel Nieuwegein (Utrecht) Buizerdlaan 10, The Netherlands

Benify, NGA, and Beqom – three world-leading organisations in HR - join forces to discuss, share insights and give tips on how payroll, benefits, and rewards contribute to employee engagement.

Employee engagement has been a hot topic in HR circles for the past couple of decades, and for good reason – without engagement, employee productivity and satisfaction decreases and companies run the risk of losing their talent to the competition.

So, how satisfied and engaged are your employees with their current offering? How does payroll, benefits, and rewards effect employee engagement? How efficient are your payment, rewards and benefits processes?

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9:30 Welcome coffee 

10:00 Start Keynote presentation – The perfect balance of pay, rewards and benefits 

10:45 The Payroll Experience – Pay slip to be or not to be? 
Employee engagement and Employee Experience have been hot topics within HR for a while now. And HR is doing everything to give employees that great work experience to keep them engaged. You have thousands of tips and tricks online with buzz-words like mindfulness, growth opportunities, trust and health and wellbeing.

But how can you work on employee experience and engagement from a payroll perspective? Naturally, your employees will be happy if you give them a paycheck with a great salary but can you also make them happy with an average salary? Does the payslip need to become more than just a piece of single information, what if it becomes a big source of information or even a communication tool? Like Payroll Professional Max van der Klis-Busink said so nicely: Payslip to be or not to be?”

How can you as a payroll/HR professional add value to the employee experience and engagement via pay? Do things like self-service, a clear payslip and online information portals really help?

11:15 Short break

11:30 Employee Engagement and Benefits
In 2018, Benify surveyed over 20,000 employees and HR leaders across a number of areas including benefits, rewards, personal finances, and employee engagement. The results revealed a clear correlation between benefits satisfaction and workplace engagement.

The survey also revealed that a staggering 80% of employees underestimated their total compensation. Without knowledge of their total compensation, employees are missing out on a large portion of their compensation and companies are wasting valuable money on unused benefits.

Discover why personalisation, total compensation awareness, transparency and relevancy are all key to benefits satisfaction, and how engagement increases loyalty, deepens employees’ connection to the employer brand, and impacts business.

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Employee Engagement: starts with visibility, transparency, and planning
Total Rewards is the key driver for employee engagement. Never has the time been greater for a total compensation solution without compromise than now.

What is viewed by the employee is driven by the manager and compensation administration, coupled with the relevant data and compensation plans.

With the ever-increasing data volumes and compensation plan complexities, we will view the requirements via the lenses of each role; employee, manager, and compensation administration to understand how to increase employee engagement through total rewards.

13:30 Customer panel discussion Employee Engagement – Learn from top leaders in the industry 

14:30-15:30 – Closing – network and have a drink


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